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Линия по производству трубчато-фрикционных анкеров(ТФА)
$ 30,000 /pc
5749864984, GSK, Chiba (city)
Китайская известная надёжная компания ООО“Цзинь Бинь” занимается поставкой станков для профнастила и металлочерепицы уже много лет. Наше профилегибочное оборудование высококачественное и долговечно
Полуавтоматическая линия для производства сварных сеток
$ 17,000 /pc
5749864984, GSK, Chiba (city)
Данное оборудование работает по технологии электрического синхронного контроля. Процесс сварки и время сварки контролируются цифровой интегральной электрической схемой. Процесс сварки протекает
In Japan
Sawn Timber (Lumber), Hardwood, Softwood, Bars
Price not specified
РосЭкспортТрейд, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
We are a Russian manufacturer of sawn timber (lumber), and are looking for partners for long-term cooperation. We produce timber from Pine, Spruce, Fir, Larch, Oak, Birch. We can produce sawn timber
Thermally modified wood
 20 /sq m EXW   
 17-18 /sq m wholesale
Термообработка, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to the order. Possible manufacture of final molded
$ 125 /cu m FCA   
$ 115-120 /cu m wholesale
Вестерн Вуд Воркс, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
We ready to produce and supply pine sawn timber from Ukraine. AD, KD available. Sizes on request. Interesting in a long partnership. Details by whatsapp or viber
Rounded poles (pins, logs, bars ) made of pine.
$ 150 /cu m FCA   
$ 150-190 /cu m wholesale
Стрильчук С.Ф., SP, UA Tōkyō, JP
Ukraine. Our company is ready to offer products applicable in construction, agriculture and other markets. Namely: round wood (pins, logs, bars ) made of pine. We manufacture products with the
Paper A4, Premium Class from the manufacturer in bulk
$ 1.55-2 /pc wholesale
Alexandru Besleaga, DE, DE Tōkyō, JP
WhatsApp, Viber: The German company offers wholesale paper A4, 80 gsm, Premium Class, B, C, brand Paper One, IK, Paper Line GOLD, PPC from the manufacturer. Price CIF 1,55 - 2,0 $. If interested,
N1 machine for restoration of repair of fuel sprayers
$ 4,300 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Fukuoka (city), JP
N1 machine for restoration of repair of fuel sprayers The machine N1 allows to restore with maximum accuracy the geometry of the locking cone corners on any external surfaces of valves, spray needles
N2 Repair Machine of Piezo Nozzle and Common Rail Valve
$ 1,300 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Fukuoka (city), JP
On the machine, it is possible to produce high-quality processing and grinding the seats for the needle in the spray gun housing. The N2 allows you to work with maximum precision. Power 36 Volts (It
$ 5 /kg EXW   
$ 2.50-3 /kg wholesale
Фахр Сауда, SP, KZ Tōkyō, JP
We sell natural ecologically pure without additives and gmo, honey from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Different varieties Volume is from 1000 kg and above There are up to 100
3d wood wall panels
 45 /sq m FCA   
 40-120 /sq m wholesale
Пивнич, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
We manufacture and supply a different kind of 3d decorative wood wall panels
Linseed oil and cake
 800 /t
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA Tōkyō, JP
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling linseed oil. If you are interested in this cooperation offer,
Oak lumber/timber/board unedged, half-edged, edged
 330-850 /cu m wholesale
Еко-брус, PE, UA Tōkyō, JP
Our company is a producer of oak lumber/timber/board. We are a sawmill company and now We are looking for new buyers and partners. We sell oak lumber/timber/board of mixed (1,2,3) and Rustic quality
Price not specified
Naukowo Badawcze Centrum..., Sp. z o.o., PL Tōkyō, JP
Company growing its own organic soybean, offers 500 tons of high quality certified organic soya, from its proper production.
Tables of oak
 250 /pc FCA   
 220-350 /pc wholesale
Пивнич, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
We produce and supply different models of table with tops of solid oak and with metal legs
Test bench with hydraulic brake 16 MW and more
$ 16,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and turn-over of the test site and running-in of high-speed high-power units operating at nominal modes from 1 MW to 26 MW. Test benches
Test bench with 30 MW load device
$ 16,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
Production - Test benches with the use of a load device (turbo-generator, hydraulic brake or other) with a capacity of 30 MW. We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and
Equipment for the repair of gas-turbine engines gas pipeline
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
Completion of an enterprise for the repair of industrial gas-turbine engines used in gas-compressor stations: - gas-compressor stations: booster; - gas-compressor stations: linear, for gas
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Rolls-Royce models: Avon, Olympus, Allison 501-k, Trent, Spey, RB211, EM610, Trent
Test bench gas turbine engine SOLAR
$ 1,600,000 /Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial gas turbine engines manufactured by SOLAR used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Models: Solar Turbines, Solar Centaur, Solar Saturn, Solar
Solar Gas Turbine Fuel Injector Test Bench
$ 300,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Kyōto (city), JP
The company will develop and manufacture a test bench for testing the fuel injectors of Solar industrial gas turbines. The test bench meets the current rules and requirements for ensuring the quality
Pallet board
Price not specified
Вилута Древ, LLC, BY Tōkyō, JP
Good afternoon. Our factory produces pallet boards. Our production capacity is 20 cubic meters per day. Disk sawing, product quality. Is it possible to cooperate with your company? In a month we
Marble Travertine Onix
$ 15-480 /sq m wholesale
Nika Trade, LS, TR Tōkyō, JP
Tile and Slabs. Wide choice. Order intime, Quality control of the order in the process of production with a photoreport, control the loading of the order with a photoreport. Availability of finished
Gadolinium oxide gd2o3
 16 /kg DAT
Garbimeta, UAB, LT Tōkyō, JP
Gadolinium Oxide- 99,99% Total weigh 10000kg. Price idea 16 euros/kg Duty Unpaid -Steinweg customs warehouse/Rotterdam. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any comments or
Electric heaters for galvanic and chemical processes.
Price not specified
Торговый дом Узола, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Good afternoon colleagues, Our company would like to offer you, electric heaters for galvanic and chemical processes. We are the manufactures of electric heaters from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. We
Cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard
Price not specified
Кербос, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine. Our company is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard as well as the production of corrugated cardboard. We produce three-layer
Aromatic hydrocarbon
Price not specified
СтройЭнергоСистемы, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Aromatic hydrocarbon
Milk Shake & Ice Cream Mixture
$ 0.50 /tetra pack FCA   
$ 0.42-0.50 /tetra pack wholesale
Premier Food, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
Unique product that has very simple way to prepare: 1. Open a package with the milk mixture; 2. Mix up the cocktail for about 2 minutes; 3. And enjoy sweet pleasant creamy vanilla flavor. Important
Big Variety of Sausages from Ukraine
$ 1.40 /Vacuum Pack FCA   
$ 1.40-4 /Vacuum Pack wholesale
Premier Food, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
Premium Sausages from manufacturer. Big variety of product: Beef/ Chicken/ Pork, different recipes, sizes & packing available. Looking for distributors and importers worldwide. HACCP & ISO
Flour for export CIF
Price not specified
Зодиак, LLC, UA Fukuoka (city), JP
The flour-grinding complex sells flour of the highest and first grade and offers you mutually beneficial cooperation in the supply of wheat flour for export. the possibility of shipping 5000 tons per
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79
from  3,000 /t wholesale
Урал, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79 Used for making tyres and technical rubber products. Rubber SKI-3 belongs to low hazard class. MSDS is available. Packing, marking,
Charcoal briquette hexagonal
$ 550 /t FCA   
$ 550 /t wholesale
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal briquette for BBQ.
Price not specified
Cepital East, LLC, UA Tōkyō, JP
Продажа Фосфатных удобрений класса Grid-4 и 6. производитель(Сирийская арабская республика) фосфатных удобрений. Класс Grid4 Grid 6. Страна происхождения:Сирийская Арабская Республика. Качество
Уголь марки А (антрацит) Anthrazit
$ 120-160 /t wholesale
Национальная Угольная..., LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Продам Антрациты объединяют уголь с показателем отражения витринита более 2,59%. При выходе летучих веществ менее 8% к антрацитам относятся также угли с показателем отражения витринита от 2,2 до
$ 6,000 /pc CPT   
$ 6,000-5,000 /pc wholesale
Водолей плюс, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Не обычный камень или окаменелость. сустав. выкопан на глубине 5 метров в горе.. Без трещин и очевидных сколов. Монолитный Не обрабатывался. торг уместен . Амурская область. Вес 5 кг .60 грамм.
Лук репчатый, лук перо
Price not specified
Лук от КФХ, сухой (калибр 4+, не травленный, дождя не видел, без гнили и порчи). Форма оплаты: нал/безнал. Погрузка и фасовка бесплатно. Место загрузки: Ростовская область Так же лук перо (зеленый)
Манго вяленый оптом Вьетнам
from $ 6 /kg wholesale
Экзоазияфреш, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Здравствуйте! Предлагаем экспорт манго из Вьетнама по цене FOB Saigon. Являемся производителями данной продукции. Можем дать цену CIF или с полным пакетом документов на России ( по запросу). Наше
Price not specified
Иванов, SP, RU Tōkyō, JP
Готовы помочь в постоянной покупке цветных металлов-продукции готовой к использованию. Вся продукция выпуска производителей СНГ и РФ. с аккредитивами не работаем. На заказ поиск и приобретение
Детские махровые халаты. Размер от 1 года до 12 лет.
$ 5 /pc   
from $ 4 /pc wholesale
Onbasioglu Textile, YSS, TR Tōkyō, JP
Детские махровые халаты. Размер от 1 года до 12 лет. Все цвета в наличии. Продаём оптом, минимальный заказ от 50 штук.
Березовый гриб чага
$ 8 /kg   
$ 5-6 /kg wholesale
Арсенал, LLC, RU Tōkyō, JP
Чага (трутовик, косой, чульча, цырь) – гриб-паразит семейства Трутиковых, который растёт на стволах рябины, ольхи, осины, вяза, клёна. Лечебными свойствами обладают те разновидности трутовика,